Who We Are

Hello lovely!

It’s so great to have you here and welcome to our health blog. We have so much to share with you and we would love to help you on your health journey.

Our mission;

To help, teach and support women with fertility issues, by identifying and rectifying the underlying cause, through tailored nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Who we are;

We are two sisters who are passionate about health, exercise and helping others. Creating this website allows us to combine these passions and help promote the changes needed, to stop the ever increasing statistic of infertility.

Firstly, I’m Jade and I do the blogging, along with the nutrition plans and creating new recipes.

I only really discovered the importance of health when I became ill myself. I battled acne in my early 20’s, had repeat water and ear infections, and then developed a multi modular goiter and hypothyroidism. I realised something was going wrong in my body and I needed to make changes in order to regain my health.

I spent years researching, trying diets, buying costly supplements, following protocols and enrolling in qualifications, all the while experiencing recurring infections, insecurities from my skin and hypothyroidism symptoms. It took persistence, an unwavering belief and a few sacrifices along the way, but I’m finally on the path to better health.

After discovering the concerning increase in fertility issues, this led me to take a particular interest in this area. I knew I needed to help these woman and I committed my time to finding answers.

I hope to give you the knowledge you need through my blogs, the guidance you need through my nutrition plans and the support you need from us encouraging you, every step of the way.

I work alongside my sister Shannon, who is the British Bodybuilding Wellness Champion 2017, and who is both an advocate and strong believer in practising a healthy lifestyle, as well as empowering women. Shannon is a sought after Personal Trainer, runs the highly successful Fit Chic Camp classes and provides tailored nutrition advice to all of her clients. Through her regular Instagram stories and posts, she is helping reach out to the many women looking for answers to better health.




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