My Mission

Hello lovely!

It’s so great to have you here and welcome to my health blog. I have so much to share with you and I would love to help you on your health journey!


I’m Jade and this is the Help your Health mission;

To help, teach and inspire people to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle through good nutrition.

I only really discovered the importance of health when I became ill myself. It’s probably a familiar story for some but after vaccinations as a child, I then experienced frequent ear infections and was given antibiotics repeatedly to treat. From here I then spent my teenage years drinking alcohol and consuming a diet high in refined sugar. I then developed acne, had multiple food allergies, suffered from recurrent UTI’s as well as ear infections, and then had a multi-nodular goitre affecting my thyroid. This was the final nail in the coffin which led me to find an alternative way back to better health.

I spent years researching, trying diets, buying costly supplements, following protocols and enrolling in qualifications, all the while experiencing recurring infections, insecurities from my skin and high levels of sickness. It took persistence, an unwavering belief and a few sacrifices along the way, but I finally got to where I wanted to be. That’s why I’ve made this site – to help you avoid my pitfalls and my struggles. I hope to give you the knowledge you need through my blogs, the guidance you need through my nutrition plans and the support you need from this website.

The Help your Health values;

Belief No. 1 – Education

I believe that through education we can change the focus from a quick-fix approach to natural healing and finally put health at the top of our priority list.

Belief No. 2 – Support

I believe in supporting you every step of the way, sharing information to give you insight and constantly looking for new ways to keep you committed, so that we can all become the healthiest versions of ourselves.

Belief No. 3 – Guidance

I believe in providing the tools to guide you on your journey, no matter where you may start. To create nutrition packages that help you realise your goals and show you how to make achievable, long-term changes.

Belief No. 4 – Inspiration

I believe that through recipes, photos, blogs and a bit of creativity, I can show you that healthy eating doesn’t mean boring, expensive or impractical. There’s a whole realm of healthy foods and dishes just waiting to be discovered.





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