1-2-1 Nutrition

We would love to work with you and help you overcome your condition(s) once and for all. We will not just be your health coach, but also your friend, your confidant and your teacher. Our passion lies in getting to the root cause of your suffering and putting you on the path to recovery. This becomes our personal mission!

Our approach is to teach you and not just tell you. If we teach you the principles, you will always be able to take control of your health – and even help others close to you. We take a multi-pronged approach which helps salvage your health from all angles. This leaves no stone unturned and allows for real progress to be made.

We have extensively researched, studied and learnt various healing methods and theories. This has enabled us to create a package which covers all aspects and tackles a range of underlying causes.

No matter what your goal or situation, we believe in a natural approach to your success. All of our nutrition plans are educational  and achievable. They focus on feeding your body rather than starving it and helping your body rather than punishing it. These plans provide you with long-standing, life-changing and rewarding results.

What you get

  • A 12 week plan which isn’t costly or restrictive
  • Detailed stages to guide you through the process
  • Understanding and rectifying the reason(s) for your symptoms
  • A plan tailored specifically to you as no one person is the same
  • Obtaining the knowledge to understand the foods that help and the foods that hinder
  • A plan which is flexible to fit around your lifestyle
  • 1-2-1 support for your concerns, questions and needs
  • A comprehensive shopping list to help get you started
  • Recipe pack to give you inspiration

What you’ll gain 

  • Embarking on a health programme will make you feel great about yourself
  • Giving your body the nutrients it needs will improve your energy levels, quality of sleep and free you from associated ailments
  • The relief in realising there’s a cure to your suffering
  • The support of two friends and coaches who genuinely care
  • Prevention of further issues caused by prolonged health conditions
  • The education required to make long-term changes
  • Weight loss is often experienced despite this not being an objective


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